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Marble Dutch Cocoa and Vanilla Pound Cake

Torn between Chocolate and Vanilla? Don’t be! The Marbled Dutch Cocoa and Vanilla Pound Cake suits your craving perfectly!

Dutch Cocoa is richer and sweeter than traditional chocolate and pairs perfectly with Vanilla. The Marbled Cake is swirled to ensure each delectable bite has both Dutch Chocolate and Sweet Vanilla.

Whoa, how did I almost forget to describe the luscious Chocolate Ganache that is layered over the cake. The cake is paired with a Dark Chocolate Ganache, but you can choose a Milk Chocolate Ganache or a White Chocolate Ganache. All Ganache is made with Ghirardelli Chocolate.


Buttered Brown Sugar Bakery enter promo code: blogpost

Buttered Brown Sugar is listed on DoorDash and Caviar with several promotional campaigns to choose from including free delivery and 20% off your total purchase.

FYI…when you order your cake, there will be more Ganache layered on your cake than pictured. I wanted the swirl of the marbling to shine.

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