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Atlanta's Finest Artisan Bakery

"Your Slice of Heaven."

Celebrate life's beautiful moments with our scrumptious, handmade treats, meticulously crafted for every occasion. Be it the sweet joy of baby showers, the razzle-dazzle of birthday parties, jubilant graduation celebrations, or any of your special events, we're here to heighten the festivity with our palate-pleasing pastries. Dive into the delightful world of butter, sugar, and everything nice with the Buttered Brown Sugar Bakery. It's not just a dessert - it's an experience.

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Perfection in Every Pie!

With our diverse selection of delectable flavors and toppings, you are sure to find a pie that truly satisfies your taste buds. Each pie is meticulously crafted, promising a piece of perfection in every slice.

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Taste Cookie Heaven

Dive into our expansive cookie catalog, boasting over ten tantalizing flavors. Enjoy the freedom to mix and match, creating the ultimate cookie experience tailored to your distinct taste buds.


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Enjoy Our Poundcake

Revel in our pound cake's delight, a crowd-pleaser with Southern charm. Ideal for festive occasions, this moist, exquisitely flavored dessert makes every gathering memorable.

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Meet the Atlanta Baker Behind the Delicious Artisan Treats

When you taste the sweet delight from Buttered Brown Sugar Bakery, you're indulging in Krystal’s lifelong passion for baked delights. At a tender age, she discovered a love for the culinary art of baking and embarked on a sweet journey of crafting exquisite treats.

She believed in a dream — a dream to share her love for baking with the rest of Atlanta by creating memorable, mouth-watering pastries for every occasion.

Today, Krystal pours all her joy, creativity, and meticulousness into each batch of baked goods, ensuring every bite brings a sweet smile to your face.

I can't wait to create your Artisan Desserts!



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Customer Reviews

Super moist cakes melt in your mouth and the cookies so delicious, give you that warm and tingly sensation inside. A+++

Kyle Collins

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